Se prendre en main, en toute conscience et en toute responsabilité.


  • S.Martel
    J'ai beaucoup aimé les mises en situation. Karen est très forte pour comprendre le/les rôles qu'elle doit jouer, et elle nous pousse à sortir de notre zone de confort. 
Pas toujours  facile mais très instructif :-)
    Customer Care teamleader
  • Ivie Cardinaels
    If you are looking for a conscientious actress with extraordinaryskills for expressing emotions, Karen is your girl!! I enjoyed working with Karen every time.
    Ivie Cardinaels
    Organisatiecoach & Owner of Visionata | Partner at BlauwKonijn
  • Eric de Vries
    Karen is a very professional actrice who is always well prepared.She is a real asset during a skills oriented training session.
    Eric de Vries
    Change Management training, coaching & consultancy
  • Rudy Begas
    I worked with Karen in several business simulations. There sheproves to be a professional and reliable business partner with agood assessment skill. She can adapt swiftly to the situation. Shegives keen assertive feedback that allows others to improvethemselves.
    Rudy Begas
    Owner Haxon BVBA and Trainer Consultant at Cameleon Business Training
  • Frank Casaert
    After reading your profile on LinkedIn I understand much better why you, apart from being a great actress who masters so many different characters, also have a pronounced and in-depth knowledge and understanding of business processes and professional relationships. Thank you so much for the elevated training these past two days. Your views are highly appreciated !
    Frank Casaert
  • Patrick Smits
    I worked with Karen while training commercial people for ING.Karen is a very dedicated actress who can adapt to evey businesscontext. Her feedback is as ever to the point and also to the deeperlevel.
    Patrick Smits
    Partner & Executive Coach